Switching from HTTP to HTTPS is confusion with most of the people. As they are not aware of the benefits of SSL Certificate and the risk of not having an SSL Certificate. There are several important benefits to keep your site secure with SSL Certificates

  • Google search ranking boost

Starting from 06/08/2014, Google announced that having an SSL certificate installed on your website will increase your ranking position, which is another great reason to use SSL.

  • Trusted indicators

An SSL certificate also provides your web-resource with trusted indicators which can help visitors to make sure that your website is reliably protected. Also gets a lock symbol

  • Encryption

When your viewers are filling any information on your site they know that their information is not going to compromise as your site is being secured with SSL certificate. Encryption of information being shared on your sites makes hackers tasks more tough.

  • SSL Boost Website SEO Rankings

Mostly all search engines have decided to put SSL certified website to be on prior than that of non-certified.

  • SSL Protects from Phishing and other Attacks

Nowadays as the user base of using the internet is increasing, thus there is an increase in the attacks such as Phishing, MITM attacks, etc. Securing the website from such attacks is must for various reasons. A simple way is to have an SSL Certificate on the website.

Since phishing involves cloning a website or a webpage, it is almost impossible to have an SSL certified cloned website. This is an added advantage of getting an SSL certificate.

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